Saturday, December 20, 2003

Wild Pudding Fanciers Sight Red-Crested Warbling Butterscotch

Andora Steps Up Anti-Terror Campaign, Declining to Return the Full Deposit on Al-Qaida Rented Ski Boots

Black Lab Puppy Knows Shame of Leash

Northwest Airlines Pilot Drunkenness Detected after Tequila-Induced Make-Out Session With Security Guard

Evolution of Large Human Brain Linked to Stress Adaptation of Banging Head on Cave Wall

U.S. Fears Increase in News Events

Photo Opportunity Wasted

Adorable Kittens are Very Happy to See You

Cheney's Tiny Horns Increasingly Noticeable

Impressive Gains in GNP Huge Benefit to Mr. John Stapleton of Henry, Pennsylvania: Everyone Else Screwed