Sunday, December 07, 2003

Formerly Active Volcano Not Getting Enough Excercise; Now Smells Like Corn Chips

Conservatives Decry Public Transit in Christmas Window Displays

Headline "Minnie Driver Drives Mini," Reported Not Funny, But Still Unavoidable

NIMH Loses It, Institutionalized

Web Designer Considers Tougher Looking Leather Jacket

Man Cites Howard Stern, Torpedos Rare Date

New Anchorage Attraction: "Wall-Mart Yahoos of the Last Frontier"

Majestic Beauty of Alaska Range Scorned: Lacking 'Pottery Barn'

Comfortable, Stylish Weapons Platform Features Heavy Armoire

Discolored Shoes Repell Nordstrom's Clerks

FuckMonkey would Appreciate Just Being Held

"Come Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" Christmases Up Men's Restroom

Woman's Neckline Pretty Attractive Without Sparklies

Blink 182 Supposedly No Longer Punk Rock

Haircut Subtlety Distinguishes Trendy Girl From Gutter Punk

Al Sharpton Pegged For V.P. : Comedy Sidekick

Fuzzy Bunnies Invite Small Girl to Tea