Thursday, April 22, 2004

  • Eddie Murphy Renews Battle to Party All the Time

    $67,000 Lexus Undermined By Vintage Members Only Jacket

    Peoria Dominatrix Blames Embarassing Dungeon Equipment Failure on Substandard Chains Purchased At Target

    Wal Mart Begins Associates Breeding Program

    Adorable Kittens Eschew Ping Pong Ball

    Tacoma Contracts for Third Narrows Bridge That Collapses Safely Every Day For Giggles

    Iraq Secures Moustache Export Contract

    Steve in Plumbing Supplies Would Like You To Know That He Had To Cover For You With Some Customer and Her Lame Faux Hardwood Floor Panels

    Wordsworth Wandering Lonely In the Mall

    University of Michigan Applied Engineering Scientists Report Miami Club Wear Reaching Theoretical Limits