Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Kerry Picks Collin Powell as V.P. PSYCH!!

Lemmings Again Begin Traditional 7 Year Run on Fairbanks Rexall for Prozac

BBC News Admits Long-Term Deception; Will Cease Fakey "British" Accent

17 Year Ciccada Disappointed to Have Wait Another Four Years to Buy Beer


Drug Company Much Too Shy, Modest to Take Credit for Marketing Government Researched Drugs That Save Lives

Giant Floating Brain From Nebular-7 Loses Bouyancy, Sinks: Wicked Migraine

Newark Pugs Rough Up Yorkshire Terrier

Environmental Report: Frankly, You Don't Want to Know, But You Should Probably Be Cutting Down on Your Intake of Atmospheric Oxygen

International Math Panic as X=X Disproven