Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Administration Addresses Deficit with Plucky Sleuthing That Will Unlock the Secret to the Ghost Pirate's Treasure

Reagan to Appear on $14 Bill, Hailed as $5 Better than a $9 Bill (-apologies to the great Walt Kelly)

Outrageous Enron Tapes Inspire Republican Calls For suppression of Enron Tapes

Outrageous Torture Memos Inspire Republican Calls for Suppression of Torture Memos

West Village Virus Symptoms Include Lethargy, Affected Indifference, and Recurring Prada Account

Ann Coulter Takes It All Off For Playgirl

Outrageous Kama Sutra Positions Inspire Republican Calls for Suppression of Positions and Printing of Extra Copies

Adorable Kittens Maintain Determined Vigilance on Window Sill

Traffic Light Misjudgment by Giant Floating Brain from Nebular-7 Leaves Buick Stuck in Mid-Intersection