Monday, December 13, 2004

Dr. Phil: U.S. Becoming Hated Deliberately To Avoid The Responsibilities of Love

Catastrophic Malaysian Ship's Cook Caserole Recipe Typo Reported: "Soak 23,000 Metric Tons of Soybeans in Salt Water"

Extra Diebold Voting Machines Converted to ATMS; Rural Ohio on Crazed Shopping Spree

Brazillian Hybrid Car is Unique Electric-Llama Power

Official UK Government Inquiry to White House Requests Instructions on Best Type of Toilet Tissue to Use

Adorable Kittens Angry About New Non-Kitten Specific Cat Food

Love Triangle Scandal Rocks Tukwila Best Buy

Egg Salad Nominal

TV Tonight: Fictionalized Graphic Details of Autopsy Will Strangely Cleanse Mind of Inevitability of Death

EPA Backs Social Darwinism

Coming Up on Headlines: Why Interstate 90 is So Gay