Friday, August 13, 2004

Terrorists Still Threatening Las Vegas, Reports Reno Chamber of Commerce

Study: Adorable Kittens Dream of Kitty Food, Yarn, Mice, Other Kittens

Biotech Futurists Describe Bright Future for Genetically Engineered Futurists

Martha Stewart Purchases Comprehensive Guidebook on Current Prison Slang

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Approves $3 Billion Sale of Secretly Pretend Electricity Futures

Wiccan's Fumbling Attempts to Cast Curse Spell on DMV Staffer Results in Poor ID Picture Quality

Car Sold at Value

Postal Employee Tiring of Flag Stamp

Manageble Goals Revolutionary Asks Grocery Clerk About Upcoming Health Care Negotiations

University of Michigan Scientists Report Global Warming Expected to Soon Destroy Beachside Homes Owned Mostly By People Who Poo-Poo Global Warming