Friday, April 22, 2005

Stock Broker's Wife Collapses on Disappointing Earnings Report

Courageous Illinois Teen Breaks "The Dweeb Barrier"

Rumsfeld Sternly Warns Harvard English Lit Grads to Write Clearly,
Succinctly and Truthfully

CEO of Integrated Cybernetic Dynosystems Samples Clam Bake

Angry Chinese Demonstrators Demand Apology From Belgian Embassy for Appalling War-Time Confectionaries

Mall Security Guard Thrilled to Report Incident

Adminstration's Hannibal Lechter Nomination Faces Questions

Curious Mole-People Spurn Digital Television

Man Feels He May Be Overshadowed in Cell-Phone Group Photo By Beautiful Model

Georgia Fascist Uncertain Where to Safely Dry-Clean Nazi Flag

Opinion: The Water Treatment Bond Measure is Too Boring to Truly Support

Pastor Tempted to Misapply Bible Teaching to Sunday Parking Problem

Adorable Kittens Intrigued By Curious Mole People

Coming Up on Headlines: Why the Centers for Disease Control Are Headed for Your Neighborhood Armed and in Force