Friday, April 08, 2005

Sexy New Computer Features Shaved Connectors

FOX Reports

Tom Delay Corruption Query Launched Into Outer Space

Alan Greenspan Found Naked Licking Female Brooklyn Scenester at Club Metro, Blames X, Market Up Sharply

Leaders Laud Pope Plus Reagan for Beating Up Gorbachev in Dark Kiev Alley in 1985, Causing No More Communism

Adorable Kittens Feign Interest

Onion Reader Notes Uncanny Similiarites to Own Pathetic Life

Let's Say U.S. Widget Production Moves to Shanghai


Icelanders "Most Hilarious" Scandanavians

University of Michigan Study: Strong Correlation Between Cheap Scotch, Humiliating Golf Scores and U.S. Tax Policy

U.S. Consumers Urged to Turn Falling Real Wages, Evaporating Job, Health Care and Retirement Security Into Amazing Opportunity to Buy Shiny Things on Credit

Giant Floating Brain from Nebular Seven Receives Free Teeth Whitening Coupon for New Patients

Coming Up on Headlines Weather: Probably Nothing to Worry About Just Yet, But Storing 300 Gallons of Clean Water is Never a Bad Idea