Sunday, April 10, 2005


Noble Fir Appalled by Proximity to Common Pine

OPINION: How Can any Self-Respecting Video Store Call 6 Beta Copies of Ass Pilots IV an Adult Section?

Candyless Man Partly Assuaged by Lozenge

Chaos as Giant Hershey's Kiss Hot Air Balloon Deflates on Top of Dick Cheney

Rumsfeld Lauds Fat Elvis

Smore Mugged; Gingerbread Suspect Missing

FCC To Phase Out Legal Skipping Over Ads

University of Michigan Study: America Also Losing Popularity in America

Man Reconciles Self to Wife's Enormous New Breasts

Couple Who Spent $78,000 on Unsucessful Infertility Treatments Relates to Friend's Loss of Leukemia-Wracked Child in Butane Explosion

Coming Up on Headlines: No matter how tempting at the gas station, don't point to the Hummer and laugh.