Thursday, June 16, 2005

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Philadelphia Bond Attorney Jason Clortman Prepares to
Measure Available Square Footage

National Command Authority Missile Launch Codes Left in Bicycling Pants

Robots May Lose Robot Vision From Excessive Self-Disagnostic Checks

Iran Admits Focus Group Testing Nuke Marketing Program

Fuzzy Bunnies Amazed By Abandoned Day-Pack Full of Carrots

Dick Cheney Volunteers for Habit for Inhumanity, Building New Land Mine Plant

Sex Scandal Spokane Mayor Encouraged By Jackson Verdict

Adorable Kittens Sleeping Peacefully in Comfy Shotgun Case

Alaska Senator Stevens Forces Venice Biennialle Move to Eielson Air Force Base

Goth Chick Forced to Wrap Birthday Present

OPINION: Look, Just Because We Have 5000 Metric Tons of Sarin Doesn't Mean We're Not "People" People

Manageable Goals Revolutionaries Target Barnes and Noble Shelves with "Operation Moustache"

Coming Up on Headlines: Why the Massive California Offshore Earthquake May Be the Least of Your Problems