Friday, June 03, 2005

Europe Descends Into Further Pleasantry

Pie Futures Unstable as U.S. Rhubarb Supply Critical

Cosmonaut Returns to Outlet Mall

Envelope Coveted

CNN Debuts "The Explosions Minute"

Hostage Takes Hostages To Demand Release of Hostages Such as Himself

Adorable Kittens Hide Under Couch Ready to Attack Naked Ankles

History Recap: Deep Throat Had Revealed U.S. Secret That Nixon Was a Cynical, Warmongering, Racist Son of a Bitch

Hagen-Daz Cookie Dough-for-Plutonium Scandal Drives Ice Cream Sales Down

Seven Chinese Brothers Sued For Illegal Ocean Swallowing

Hulk's Couch Surfing Has Superfriends Seeking Bigger Apartment

Coming Up in Science Headlines: Hormone-Mimic Chemical Pollution Crisis
Upside May Be Bigger Tits