Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Pirate Task Force Review of Federal Katrina Response Recommends Extensive Keel-Hauling, Flogging, and Shackling to the Gallery Sweeps


Reacting to Polls, Bush Pays Undocumented Mexican to Sob Quietly to Himself on His Behalf

Nations of World Working Together to Thwart
Inexaustibly Lame Marriage Plans of Uma Thurman to Some Pansy Hotel Billionaire

WTO Director Condemns 'Irrational, Anti-Free Trade' Tariffs on Inexpensive
Romanian Breast Implants

Violent Explosion Distracts Area Employees From Meaningless Tasks Just Long Enough to Make Them Question the Whole Value of Their Careers

In a Theological Debate Expected to Intrigue and Yet Creep Out Billions, Angelina Jolie Taunts Pope Benedict to No-Ref Face-Off at Wrestlemania XXII

Adorable Kittens Consider Branch

In Today's Opinons, by Maxwell Smart: It is High Time That K.A.O.S. Was Held Accountable for The Many Recent U.S. Intelligence Failures and Fiascos

Rumsfeld Pushes to Award Bachman Turner Overdrive "Medal of Freedom" for National Service as "The Paramount Musical Group of the 1970's and Beyond"

Giant Floating Brain From Nebular-7 Sloshes to Car Window When Cut off By Ford F 350 Pickup At Key Bellevue Exit, Leaving Oily Streak

Only Hammer Unsuited to Particular Nailing Task