Wednesday, May 11, 2005

North Korea Unveils Wicker A-Bomb


Rumsfeld Flashes Old Student ID In Attempt to Get Into Syria

Pentagon Invokes Little Known Cub Scout "Permanent Reserves" Subclause

U.S. Treasury Secretary Defends Use of Special Mathematical Properties of Parallel Universe 8!A

Paris Hilton Goes Down Like The Bismark

Condi Rice Over-Stretches Suck-Up Tendon

Fluffy Bunnies' Daisy-Romp Gathering Crushed By Renegade Mine-Tailing Loader

Microsoft Copyrights "Quotes"

Automated Self-Check Out Bag-Emplacement Direction Fills Man With Gnawing Despair

Wedding DJ Badly Misjudges Audience Desire to Hear Bachman Turner Overdrive

Adorable Kittens Suspect Tree Contains Birds

Hummer Owner Ironically Run Over By Shopping Cart