Thursday, May 26, 2005

1/2 Soup and Tuna Salad Sandwich Special Comes With Side of Love

Radical Anti-Human Robots Hold Frozen French Fry Warehouse Hostage

Despondent Vampire Bat Sitting Upright in Lawn Chair in Daytime Drinking a Snapple

Adorable Kittens Uncover Secret Spider Lair Inside Plastic Cookie Monster Cup

Is Ann Coulter Really a Nazi Cunt? Find Out In Minutes With This Simple Hormone Test

Khmer Rouge Rebrands Itself as High-End Snack Foods Provider

Ghost of Derrida Terrifying English Majors in Graduate Student Housing

Primitive Living Pre-Human Sub-Species Discovered Serving on Kansas School Board

Latest Report: Those Cars Aren't Going to Wash Themselves, Mister

Duck Comedian Hones Hilarious Bufflehead Impersonation

Coming Up on Headlines: Meteorite Insurance - Don't Put it Off Till You See the Burning Track of Sky Fire