Sunday, July 24, 2005

"Man's Cruelty to Man Crueler Than Man's Man's Cruelty to Man" - Batman

WTO Ruling Will Force Anime Noses to be Drawn Properly

Golf Win Celebrated With Real Estate Bubbly

That Genetically Reconstituted Mammoth's in Henderson's Tomatoes Again


Bush Insists on Fax

Invalid's Parking Validated

Key Paragraph On Rebuilding '72 Datsun Carborator Ruined By What Appears to be Dried Orange Tang

Adorable Kittens Make a Break for Door, Then Are Distracted by Small Piece of Paper

Justin the Hun Maurauding No One Except That Blond Chick at Abercrombie

OPINION: The View At the Summit of Everest Was Fine But Not Worth 4 Fingers and My Lower Left Leg

Dude 'Invades Cutedatenland'

Accidental Consumer Survey of Wild Gibbons Last Year at Alderwood Zoo May Have Adversely Affected This Year's Hollywood Offerings