Thursday, September 08, 2005

Democrats Set Aside "Blame Game" for a Rousing Round of "Responsibility Pursuit"


White House: Bush Not Informed Clearly Until Tuesday That Katrina Was a Furious Hurricane, Rather Than A Curious Sugar Cane

Cheney Reports Several Thousand Louisiana Republicans Are Particularly Safe

Rumsfeld Sent to Make Bayou A Quagmire
Partial Transcript of Bush's Federal Katrina Investigation:

George W.: And what was I doing at the time?
President: I was talking to the folks about my Medicaid plan in Arizona, so we can get drugs to the Seniors who need them.
George W. That's an important thing to do for Americans.
President. They need drugs.
That's why my Administration is making them mandatory. But not illegal drugs that rape our children.
George W. We all need drugs. And that's why I was there in California too.
President: I played guitar in California, because I cared about the people facing tragedy, so I didn't want to distract them by playing guitar in Louisiana. They have people to do that there.
George W. A tragedy no one could have anticipated?
President. It was one that no one could have anticipated before it happened.
George W. And when it happened, it was terrible.
President. It happened terribly for all Americans. And I get that. I understand. Stop telling me.
George W. So there is nothing more I could have done?
President. No one who could not of thought of anything never did. And they're doing a great job, helping Americans who need the help more than other Americans. I mean it was an attack of Mother Nature.
George W. That's obvious. The time for planning is now.
FEMA delivers 400,000 Flashlights to The Night of The Johnstown Flood

Adorable Kittens Saved by Minor Celebrity

EPA Declares Large Areas of Nation "Unsafe for Etouffe"