Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Lost Russian Plutonium Located, Safely Stored in Missiles in Tehran

Significant Embarassment Associated with Sudden Catastrophic Failure of Pocket-Pro Insta-Tent

Botched Skittles Promotional Airdrop Annoys Thousands with Mild Bruises, Colorful Sticky Bits in Hair

Adorable Kittens Avoid Responsibility by Hiding in Box

OPINION: Angelina Jolie May Be the Hottest Woman in the World, But That Doesn't Mean Brad Pitt Should Cast Aside His Sacred Commitment to Another Famous Celebrity

New Robotic Auto-Machete Will Make Old Genocidal Frenzy Obsolete

Bush's 2nd Place Finish in Rodeo Ascribed to 'Fancy-Ridin'' Butler

Coming Up on Headlines: Why "The Onion" Isn't Bothering to Sue Us